Shane McKenna

Shane is an Engineer, Artist, Designer, Master Craftsman and so much more. He is a true innovator in every area or endeavor he undertakes. It is not unusual to find him crafting a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture on the same day he is developing a new manufacturing technology. He has been a key player in the development of countless products and processes. He has deep experience in every stage of the product development process, and has a deep understanding of the big picture. His ability to design with the end in mind shortcuts the traditional product flow by giving customers manufacturable designs often in the first draft. And it is not uncommon for Shane to add meaningful and innovative IP to projects, to boot!


Phillip J. Chipping

Phillip is the inventor of the invisibleSHIELD and founder of ZAGG, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. He has consulted hundreds of businesses, but has a special interest in entrepreneurs and early stage business start-ups. Phillip is passionate about disruptive innovations, product development, channel marketing, online marketing, business strategy and start-up funding. His deep business development experience and broad network of connections add tremendous value, especially to start-ups. He even helps companies raise the money they need to get off the ground!