We are a full concept-to-completion Design, Engineering & Manufacturing firm. It doesn't matter if you need justĀ a single piece of art, or one million units per month. We are equipped to take your ideasĀ and put them in your hands, ready to ship to your customers.


Using the latest software technology, we are able to get your product ideas visualized and ready for manufacturing faster than ever before. Do not underestimate the importance of this step. Many design houses can design beautiful looking renderings. Few have the knowledge and ability to design for manufacturing from the beginning.


Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Manufacturing Engineers bring your products a full spectrum of engineering consideration. Integrated software tools ensure our team is on the same page with your project at all times, whether in the U.S. or China.


Our artistry and craftsmanship will bring a new level of beauty and sophistication to your product design and presentation.


We have many manufacturing partners, both domestic and in China. We can build any product - whether it be a complex medical device, an industrial machined part, or a high tech consumer electronic device or accessory.


With 18 production lines in just on of our Chinese factories, we can accommodate electronics, consumer goods, toys and even large items, such as scooters.


Our in-house printing and packaging department provides labels, instructions, printed boxes, plastic clamshell, bagging, and a wide variety of other packaging options.


With 15+ years of shipping our products from China and India, we will bundle your shipment with others to get the best rates and save you the headaches of trying to learn how to import on top of sourcing and manufacturing.


We are set up to warehouse your products and give you JIT delivery.